Concordia University is one of nine colleges or universities in the Concordia University System, which is owned and operated by The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod.

Mission Statement

Concordia University is a Lutheran higher education community committed to helping students develop in mind, body, and spirit for service to Christ in the Church and the world.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be well known nationally and internationally as a premier Lutheran Christian university, widely recognized for meaningful integration of faith and learning. Our alumni will assume significant servant leadership responsibilities in the Church and communities across the nation and around the world.

Concordia's Vision is Vigorously Pursued in Four Critical Ways:

We are a Faith and Learning Centered Higher Education Community.

Concordia students learn in innovative Christ-centered environments that are guided by comprehensive assessment. Our faculty, staff and University administrators are role models and servant leaders. Our Christian faculty excel in teaching and mentoring, and successfully connect to faith to learning. Our academic programs are rigorous and diverse, consistent with the needs of the Church and our communities.

We Plan for Purposeful Growth.

Students grow as they develop in mind, body and spirit. Concordia grows as we reach more people with our mission. Our campuses, facilities, human and financial resources, and infrastructure expand to support a robust student experience in a welcoming environment that results in the professional, social, academic and spiritual formation of all Concordians.

We Make an Impact Through Service and Leadership.

Concordia impacts the Church and the world, developing globally-minded citizens who transform lives, influence communities, and value their neighbors near and far, through Christ-like service and leadership.

We Champion Access and Opportunity for All Learners.

We provide access to the highest value higher education experience. As a result, Concordia students discover and develop their vocations. Rigorous assessment of our academic offerings, university services, delivery systems, and market and organizational performance result in continuous improvement of the Concordia experience, which enables our students to pursue and persist in their chosen career paths.

Campus Contact Information

Concordia University
12800 North Lake Shore Drive, Mequon, Wisconsin 53097-2402, Telephone: 262.243.5700, Website:

Administrative Officers

Position Name
President Patrick Ferry
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Allen Prochnow
Provost and Chief Academic Officer William Cario
Senior Vice President of University Affairs Gretchen Jameson
Vice President of Advancement Roy Peterson
Vice President of Information Technology Thomas Phillip
Vice President of Student Life Steven Taylor
Vice President, CUAA Operations Curtis Gielow
Vice Provost of Curriculum and Academic Innovation Bernard Bull
Vice Provost of Faculty Affairs Leah Dvorak
Vice Provost of Enrollment and Student Engagement Michael Uden
Chair, Faculty Senate Robert Burlage


Department Name
School of Arts and Sciences CUAA Robert McCormick
School of Arts and Sciences CUW Steven Montreal
Haab School of Business CUAA Suzanne Siegle
Batterman School of Business CUW Daniel Sem
School of Education CUAA Sandra Harris
School of Education CUW Gary Petersen, interim
School of Health Professions CUW Linda Samuel
School of Nursing CUAA Cynthia Fenske
School of Nursing CUW Sharon Chappy
School of Pharmacy CUW Dean Arneson
Student Life CUAA John Rathje
Student Life CUW Steven Gerner

2018 - 2019  Academic Year

Semester I

Date Day Event
August 13 Monday Pharmacy classes begin - Mequon
August 26 Sunday Opening Service - Mequon
August 27 Monday First Day of Traditional Classes Opening Service - Ann Arbor
September 3 Monday LABOR DAY - No Class
September 7 Friday Last day to add a Regular Semester Class
October 18 -19 Thursday - Friday Fall Break - No traditional undergrad. classes
October 23 Tuesday Mid-Term Grades Due - Traditional Undergrad
November 2 Friday Last day to drop a regular semester class
November 21 Wednesday Thanksgiving Vacation begins - no traditional undergraduate classes meet that start after 4:00 pm
November 22 Thursday THANKSGIVING DAY
November 26 Monday Classes Resume
December 9 Sunday Commencement 2:00 pm - Ann Arbor
December 10 - 14 Monday - Friday Final Examinations, Christmas Recess begins after last exam
December 15 Saturday Commencement 1:30 pm - Mequon
December 25 Tuesday CHRISTMAS DAY


Date Day Event
January 7 Monday Classes Resume – Winterim Begins
January 25 Friday Winterim Examinations

Semester II

Date Day Event
January 14 Monday Pharmacy classes begin - Mequon
January 28 Monday Second Semester Begins
February 8 Friday Last Day to Add a Regular Semester Class
March 11 - 15 Pharmacy Spring Recess - Mequon
March 18 - 22 Spring Recess - Traditional Undergraduates
March 26 Tuesday Mid-Term Grades Due - Traditional Undergrad
April 5 Friday Last Day to Drop a Regular Semester Class
April 18 Thursday Easter break beigins - no classes meet that start after 4:00 pm
April 21 Sunday EASTER
April 22 Monday Classes Resume at 4:00 pm
May 13 - 17 Monday - Friday Final Examinations
May 17 Friday Graduate Student Commencement 6:00 pm - Mequon
May 18 Saturday Undergrad Student Commencement 1:30 pm - Mequon
May 19 Sunday Undergrad Student Commencement 2:00 pm - Ann Arbor

Summer Sessions  

3 Weeks 

Date Day Event
May 20 - June 7 (no school May 27)
June 10 - June 28

6 Weeks

Date Day Event
May 20 - June 28 (no school May 27)
June 10 - July 19 (no school July 4)


Concordia University Wisconsin is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

The Higher Learning Commission        
b230 South La Salle Street, Suite 7-500, Chicago, Illinois 60604-1413, (312) 263-0456

Concordia University Wisconsin is registered as a Private Institution with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education pursuant to sections 136A.61 to 136A.71. Registration is not an endorsement of the institution. Credits earned at the institution may not transfer to all other institutions.