Code of Student Conduct

CU strives to maintain a safe learning community for all students. The new Code of Student Conduct, which applies to Accelerated Learning students, outlines specific policies and can be located at: These policies describe the level of respect and discipline CU expects in order to become a safe learning community for all.

Classroom Visitors

Students are encouraged to bring prospective students to onsite classes as guests; however, they must first receive approval to do so from local Center Director. Students may not bring minors to class, nor may minors be left unattended at the School. Concordia University is not liable for the safety of children left unattended while at the School.

Name/Phone/Address Changes

Students frequently have name, phone number and address changes.  Please notify your center of such changes as soon as they occur to enable the university offices to contact you about matters in your best interest. Legal documentation will be required for all name changes.

CU E-Mail Account & Portal Access

As a student at Concordia University, there are some important web systems you will need to access. The portal provides a secure, single sign-on to CU’s online information systems.  The Portal allows students to check email, pay account balances, register for classes, look up grades, do research, and much more, all in one convenient location. Students are encouraged to check their CU email regularly as it is the primary account used by staff and other students.

Students need a user name and password to start using the Portal.  Students can visit to set their password. Then go to: Your student ID # (F00) will be your user name. If you have problems or questions, contact the Information Technology Help Desk at or (262)243-HELP (4357).  

Falcon One Card (Library Card)

Students on the Mequon Campus obtain their picture ID card (Falcon One Card) in the Library during regular office hours and on evenings and weekends when a Reference Librarian is available. Please check librarian availability on the library portal page or call 262-243-4330 prior to coming in to have your ID made.  All other students will be issued ID cards through your center.

Your Falcon Card contains a barcode 450…. (located on the back of the card) for accessing the library catalog or the reference databases to which Concordia subscribes. The first time you log into the website to access your TOPCAT account you will be prompted to create a PIN number (PIN must be a minimum of four characters).  This is to ensure your account information is private and secure. For instructions on how to set up a PIN, please see the following site: If necessary, a replacement card can be obtained for $25.00.

The library website is available at or through the CU Portal.

About Instructors

Instructors teaching at the Accelerated Learning Centers have work experience in the area of their competency and a minimum of a Master’s degree. They meet Concordia’s expectations for instruction in an accelerated learning environment. Some instructors are employed full-time at Concordia while others are employed full-time either at other academic institutions or in the business world. Part-time faculty is hired to teach at Concordia because of the competency they bring to the classroom. The author of the module is not necessarily the instructor who is teaching the class. Concordia reserves the right to schedule any of its qualified instructors for a given module.

Concordia is committed to providing academic excellence for students in attending programs at the Accelerated Learning Centers.  Each module and instructor is evaluated by the students. The Center Directors and the Executive Director/Dean review these evaluations. Instructors submit a comment sheet each time they teach to provide their feedback on the materials used.

Instructors who, on a regular basis, do not meet student/director expectations are not allowed to continue to teach in the program. Periodically, the Center Directors and the Executive Director/Dean review the quality of teaching in the classroom and meet with instructors to develop more effective learning environments.

Class Cancellation

Weather conditions can develop making it necessary to cancel class for the evening. The decision to cancel class will be made no later than 3:00 p.m. and a notice posted on the Portal, Accelerated Learning Centers tab. If there is a question about whether or not classes will be held, please call your center.

Textbook Loan Program

Concordia provides textbooks to students of some Accelerated Learning Center programs through a book loan program1. Please take care of your textbooks and keep them in good condition. You may highlight in them as you study but please do not write in them. The Office of Continuing and Distance Education provides the information on how the students order those books after they register.

Accelerated Learning Center textbook loan program course textbooks must be picked up at your center before the class begins to allow for completion of homework due the first night. Textbooks must be checked out in person. If you plan to have someone else pick up your books for you, someone in the center office must be notified in advance. Loaned textbooks should be returned to your center within two weeks of course completion. Students must return his or her textbook, from our book loan program, within 30 days of the end of their class, or will be assessed a non-refundable book replacement charge.

Cell Phones & Other Electronic Devices

Cellular phones and other electronic communication devices should be turned off or silenced when entering a classroom.  If you need to exit the classroom to respond to an emergency call, please do so with a minimum of disturbance.


Out of respect for academic excellence and moral responsibility, each student is expected to employ the highest ethical standards in taking tests, writing papers and projects, and using material from the library.  Should a student violate the ethics code by plagiarism, cheating or theft, he/she will be subject to penalties up to and including dismissal from the program.


Honor Pledge

Students taking courses from the School of Business and Management are asked to inscribe the Honor Pledge at the end of each assignment submitted (or on the cover page), using handwriting when possible. This pledge reminds students of their commitment to academic integrity.

 “As I develop in mind, body, and spirit, I pledge on my honor that I have not given, received, witnessed, nor have knowledge of unauthorized aid on this or any [assignment, quiz, paper, test]”  [Signature of Student]