Adult and Community Education Graduate Certificate


This fifteen credit graduate certificate is designed to offer a solid foundation of knowledge and skills needed to develop effective learning environments and opportunities for adult learners in such contexts as workplace training, patient education, teacher and faculty development, adult basic education, adult religious education, continuing professional development, and non-profit community organizations. Graduates will gain valuable understanding of the adult learner, principles of adult learning, program development and evaluation, teaching strategies with adults, and leadership and administration of programs. Knowledge developed in this program can be applied to all situations in which adult development and learning is valuable from mentoring to formal program development and evaluation in community, government, corporate, educational, and non-profit settings.

The Objectives of the Adult Community Education Certificate

  • Explain historical, philosophical, cultural, socio-political and theoretical foundations for adult education;
  • Identify learners’ needs and respond with appropriate strategies to meet those needs;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the needs of diverse adult learners;
  • Plan and implement effective practices for the development and delivery of adult learning programs & opportunities;  
  • Apply principles of adult learning to teaching, development and delivery practice;
  • Integrate Christian faith development into the design of adult learning experiences;
  • Develop administrative skills in areas such as budgeting, marketing, and program planning;
  • Apply a servant leadership approach to administration and management of adult education;  
  • Demonstrate effective writing skills for the professional practice of adult and community education;
  • Analyze the role of technology in the education of adult learners; including technologically enhanced, blended, and online learning environments

Curriculum for the Adult Community Education Certificate

Students must complete all of the five required courses in order to be eligible for The Adult and Community Education Certificate.

EDG 763/963Found of Adult & Community Ed3
EDG 764/964The Adult Learner3
EDG 765/965Prog Planning Adult & Comm Ed3
EDG 766/966Strat Teach & Learn Adult Lear3
EDG 767/967Ldrshp & Ad of Adult & Comm Ed3
Total Hours15

Certificate Information

Courses can be taken in any order, except for EDG 767/967, though it is recommended students take courses in the order listed. EDG 767/967 builds on knowledge from the earlier courses and should be taken last. All credits in the certificate are transferable to the full M.S. in Education program as electives. Students interested in Adult and Community Education could take all fifteen credits as their electives in the M.S. in Education with a concentration in Teaching and Learning.

This certificate does not correspond to any teaching endorsements or licenses offered by the Wisconsin Department of Education or any other state.

Pursuit of this graduate certificate requires a bachelor’s degree from an accredited University with a GPA of 3.0 or above.