This concentration is designed to prepare specialists in reading. The program will enable the student to qualify for a Wisconsin licensure as a Reading Teacher (Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Certification #1316) and as a Reading Specialist (Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Certification #5017). Reading Specialist certification requires a master’s degree, which includes Reading Teacher certification. Reading Teacher certification requires 18 credits.

There are two options available in this concentration:

  1. Reading Teacher Certification – License #1316    
  2. Reading Specialist Certification – License #5017

Reading Teacher -WI #1316 Licensure Only 

EDG 552Improve Literacy Instruction3
EDG 509Disciplinary Literacy3
EDG 556Language & Literacy Develop3
EDG 553Literacy Assess for Instruct3
EDG 576Lit-Kindergarten to Secondary3
EDG 554Literacy Practicum3
EDG 627Portfolio I0
EDG 628Portfolio II0
Total Hours18

M.S in Education-Literacy (in addition to above)

EDG 507Curriculum Leadership3
EDG 537Supervision of Instruction3
EDG 544Curr Top & Research Literacy3
EDG 595Graduate Capstone Project3
Total Hours12

Reading Specialist-WI #5017 Licensure (in addition to all above)

EDG 596Literacy Internship3
EDG 629Portfolio III0
Total Hours3