Master of Science in Education - Educational Design and Technology


Concordia University Wisconsin’s Master of Science in Education – Educational Design and Technology program exists to equip individuals in learning organizations to serve as ethical, innovative, and effective leaders of learning, design, and educational technology. The CUW program has a fourfold emphasis: digital literacy, applying current research and design principles in order to create digital age learning experiences, exploring the implications of digital culture upon the present and future of learning organizations, and reflecting upon the spiritual and ethical implications of technology in education.

Concordia’s MS in EDT program has the distinction of being the first graduate program in the United States to offer a program-wide learning experience where digital badges are paired one-to-one with distinct program and course-level competencies. This program’s unique model of competency-based education requires students to demonstrate newly-acquired or enhanced competencies within a curriculum rich in project-based learning, as well as opportunities for leadership, service, and meaningful reflection.  

Upon completion of the program, graduates are expected to be able to:

  • Goal 1: Facilitate and inspire learning and creativity using existing and emerging technologies (NETS-T #1)
  • Goal 2: Design and develop effective and engaging learning experiences, environments, resources, and assessments (Expanded from NETS-T #2)
  • Goal 3: Model digital-age work, research, collaboration and learning (Modified from NETS-T #3)
  • Goal 4: Promote and model digital citizenship and Christian discipleship within the context of the digital age. (Expanded from NETS-T #4)
  • Goal 5: Promote research and data-driven decisions about technology-enhanced teaching and learning environments
  • Goal 6:  Engage in ongoing professional growth and leadership (NETS-T #5)

Mater of Science in Education - Educational Design and Technology

Required Courses
EDT 670/970Integrat Tech in the Classroom3
EDT 627/927Portfolio I0
EDT 589/889Applyng Tech in the Classroom3
EDT 608/908Critcal Issues in Ed Tech3
EDT 593/893Theories of Learning & Design3
EDT 628/928Portfolio II0
EDT 592/892Instructional Design3
EDT 585/885Research in Ed Technology3
EDT 629/929Portfolio III0
Select One3
Thesis/Project Completion Semi
Graduate Capstone Project
Select 12 credits of the following:12
Online Teaching and Learning
Ed Ministry in Digital World
Digital Literacy
Multimedia for the Classroom
School Leadership in Tech
Readings in Educational Techno
Building Online Learning Communities (Web 2.0/Learning 2.0)
Grants and Funding for Educational Technology Initiatives
Innovation in Education
Workshop in Educ Design & Tech
Blended Learning
Support and Troubleshooting for Teaching and Learning with Technology
Other electives as approved by the program director
Total Hours33