Master of Science in Education - Teaching & Learning


This concentration is designed to provide further professional development and skills to classroom teachers who are in the profession and already hold a teaching license.  The program enables the teacher to improve classroom teaching skills and increase understanding of the process of education and the art of teaching.  The program requires eighteen (18) semester hours of required courses, and allows for fifteen (15) semester hours of course work related to the teacher interest areas.  The total Master’s degree requires thirty-three (33) semester hours plus 3 zero credit portfolios to assess progress of learning throughout the program.

There are multiple tracks available in this concentration:

  • Masters Degree (Traditional 33 credit track - This is intended for those students who already hold a WI teaching license)
  • Masters Degree with Teacher Certification (please see this section of the catalog)

Optional licensure tracks:

  • Alternative Education
  • Bilingual
  • Early Childhood
  • Elementary Education
  • ESL
  • Gifted & Talented
  • Secondary Education
  • Special Education (Initial)

Master of Science in Education 

Required Courses
EDG 507/807Curriculum Leadership3
EDG 521/821Human Learn & Motivation3
EDG 528/828Strat Effect Teaching3
EDG 699/887Assessment for Learning3
EDG 515/815Educ Research Methods3
EDG 590/890Thesis Completion Seminar 1 3
or EDG 595/895 Graduate Capstone Project
EDG 627/924Portfolio I0
EDG 628/925Portfolio II0
EDG 629/926Portfolio III0
EDG 509/809Disciplinary Literacy3
EDG 533/833Leadership for Change3
EDG 535/835Legal/Ethic Issues in Ed Admin3
EDG 537/837Supervision of Instruction3
EDG 556/856Language & Literacy Develop3
EDG 576/876Lit-Kindergarten to Secondary3
EDG 649/949Profess Learn Communities3
EDG 811Servant Leadership3
EDT 514/814Ed Ministry in Digital World3
EDT 589/889Applyng Tech in the Classroom3
EDT 607/907Multimedia for the Classroom3
EDT 608/908Critcal Issues in Ed Tech3
EDT 639/939School Leadership in Tech3
EDT 657/957Building Online Learning Communities (Web 2.0/Learning 2.0)3
EDT 670/970Integrat Tech in the Classroom3
COUN 543/843Counsel-Theory & Issues3
COUN 584/884Human Development3
EDG 531Principles of Education Admin3
EDG 632Educating Students at Risk3
EDG 633Alternative Education3

Other courses may be taken as part of your program with the advisor/director’s approval.  Please seek this approval before registration for any course not on this list.