Superintendent License Program


The Superintendent  License Certificate is a concentration of coursework and field work that upon successful completion of the program will qualify candidates to apply for a Superintendent License (Wisconsin License Code  #5003). The Superintendent Licensure Program is offered in a blended delivery model. The first class will be a face to face experience, followed by on line coursework and culminating with a fact to face experience. Sites are to be determined based on the geographical location of candidates. Upon completion of the program the candidate will be awarded an Educational Specialist certificate. In order to be admitted to the Superintendent Certification Program candidates must hold a Master’s degree and hold (or be eligible for) 5051 licensure as a principal.


Required Courses
EDG 778/978The Superintendency3
EDG 788/988Profess Ethics in Leadership3
EDG 794/994Portfolio0
EDG 789/989Organizational & Policy Develo3
EDG 790/990School Improve & Data Analysis3
EDG 791/991Public Relations3
EDG 793/993Adv Internship in Superintende1
EDG 792/992Facility Planning3
EDG 762/962Adv Intern Super II2
EDG 794/994Portfolio0
Total Hours21