Concordia University Wisconsin offers an accelerated, graduate Teacher Certification Program for adults who wish to be certified to teach in:

  • Early Childhood:  Birth - Grade 3 
  • Elementary Education: Grades 1-8 (Middle Childhood through Early Adolescence)
  • Secondary Education: Grades 6-12 (Early Adolescence-Adolescence)
  • Special Education: Grades K -12 

Individuals interested in these programs must hold a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, and meet our program entrance requirements. Once students complete the licensing portion of the program, they take an additional 9 graduate credits to complete the Master of Science in Education - Teaching and Learning.

The Graduate Teacher Certification Program-Elementary (GTCP-E), and Graduate Teacher Certification Program-Secondary (GTCP-S) are available at our Mequon, Madison, Appleton, and Kenosha campuses. GTCP-S is also available in an online/blended option (E Learning). The Graduate Teacher Certification Program - Special Education is available online/blended format at the Mequon campus.  The Graduate Teacher Certification Program-Early Childhood is available at the Kenosha and Mequon campus.  

In addition to initial licensure opportunities, GTCP also offers add-on license options.   Options include ESL and Bilingual as well as Gifted & Talented licenses.

Program Highlights

  • GTCP-EC, GTCP-E, GTCP-S and GTCP-SE cohorts begin once each year. Check with the specific campus you want to attend to confirm start dates. Cohorts run given an adequate number of qualified accepted applicants. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis
  • GTCP-EC and GTCP-E classes meet once a week for four hours in the evenings (example: 5:00 - 9:00 p.m.) and on five Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The 22-month program also includes a semester of full-time student teaching
  • GTCP-S classes meet once a week for four hours in the evenings (example: 5:00 - 9:00 p.m.) and on one Saturday from 9 am to 5 p.m. The 18-month program also includes a semester of full-time student teaching
  • GTCP-S and GTCP-SE (E Learning) courses are offered in a blended format with 75% of coursework taking place online, and 25% in a face-to-face setting. The face-to-face classes take place on Saturdays. This program option is 24-months long
  • Students must have a Bachelor’s degree with a cumulative GPA of a 2.75 or higher, as well as a 2.75 GPA in all certification areas which the student is seeking licensure. Students must have an official transcript evaluation  conducted by CUW staff to determine if all secondary core requirements have been met
  • Many minor licensure areas, including ESL and Bilingual, and Gifted & Talented are available to add to the major/initial teaching license.  Participants in the ESL, Bilingual and Gifted &Talented programs are required to complete 18 additional CORE credits in the traditional Teaching and Learning Master track in order to earn a Master's of Science in Education - Teaching and Learning.

Program Specifications

  • Praxis Tests: Students must pass the Praxis I (CORE) exam OR demonstrate proficiency via alternative assessments (grades of B or better in related course content) and the Praxis II exam OR satisfy a Content Portfolio requirement with a minimum GPA of 3.0 within content courses prior to student teaching
  • Clinical Hours: Seventy clinical hours are aligned and completed concurrently with program coursework prior to student teaching. Observation reflections are due at the end of each class
  • Practicum: Students will complete a supervised Practicum prior to student teaching

*Please note: changes are occasionally made to the requirements; the information described within this handbook  is subject to change without notice

Master’s Degree Eligibility

  • Only for students who have successfully completed CUW’s Graduate Teacher Certification Program
  • A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above in CUW certification courses is required
  • The Master's of Science in Education - Teaching and Learning is earned with 9 additional graduate credits in specified Graduate Education courses. Student’s must take EDG 699 Assessment for Learning/EDG 887 Assessment for Learning and then will choose 6 other credits from the list of approved courses
  • Students have 5 years to complete the Master’s degree following the licensure portion of the program


Early Childhood (GTCP-EC) Courses – 49 Credit Minimum

EDC 510Professional Foundations I2
EDC 513Human Learning & Development4
EDC 514Diversity in the Classroom4
EDC 869Technology for Educators3
EDC 611Lang Develop & Early Literacy4
EDC 612Developmental Reading2
EDC 613Books and Pictures4
EDC 526Curr & Methods of Fine Arts1
EDC 518Curr & Methods of Science4
EDC 521Curr & Methods of Phy Ed & Hea1
EDC 615Curric & Methods in ECE I4
EDC 916Curric & Methods in ECE II2
EDC 525Collabor with Family & Communi1
EDC 520Curr/Meth of Mathematics Elem4
EDC 517Practicum1
EDC 511Professional Found II Elem2
EDC 512Clinicals0
EDC 619EC Student Teaching1-6
EDC 535Student Teaching Elementary1-6
EDC 530Portfolio I0
EDC 531Portfolio II0
EDC 532Portfolio III0

 Elementary (GTCP-E) Courses - 47 credit Minimum

EDC 510Professional Foundations I2
EDC 511Professional Found II Elem2
EDC 513Human Learning & Development4
EDC 514Diversity in the Classroom4
EDC 515Language Arts Dev & Strategies4
EDC 516Curr & Methods of Language Art4
EDC 517Practicum1
EDC 518Curr & Methods of Science4
EDC 519Curr & Meth of Social Studies4
EDC 520Curr/Meth of Mathematics Elem4
EDC 869Technology for Educators (on-line )3
EDC 526Curr & Methods of Fine Arts1
EDC 521Curr & Methods of Phy Ed & Hea1
EDC 522Tchng in the Primary Classroom1
EDC 523Tchng in the Middle School1
EDC 525Collabor with Family & Communi1
EDC 535Student Teaching Elementary1-6
EDC 536Student Teaching Middle School1-6
EDC 512Clinicals0
EDC 530Portfolio I0
EDC 531Portfolio II0
EDC 532Portfolio III0

Secondary (GTCP-S) Courses-36 Credit Minimum (Face-to-Face and Online/Blended)

EDC 560/860Professional Foundations I2
EDC 561/861Professional Foundations II2
EDC 563/863Educational Psychology4
EDC 564/864Diversity in the Classroom4
EDC 565/865Teaching in the Middle School4
EDC 566/866Analysis of Instruction2
EDC 567/867Lang and Lit in Content Area4
EDC 568/868Practicum1
EDC 869Technology for Educators (on-line)3
Methods classes are taken according to Major/Minor:
EDC 570/870Curr & Methods of Tchg English4
EDC 571/871Curr & Meth of Tchg Soc Studie4
EDC 572/872Curr/ Meth of Tchg Math Sec4
EDC 573/873Curr & Meth of Tchg Science4
EDC 574/874Curr & Meth Tchg Bus Education4
EDC 575/875Curr & Meth of Tchg World Lang4
EDC 577/877Curr & Meth of Tchg Art4
EDC 578/878Curr & MethTchg Phy Ed & Healt4
EDC 586/886Studnt Tchng Middle School1-6
EDC 587/887Studnt Tchng High School1-6
EDC 562/862Clinicals0
EDC 580/880Portfolio I0
EDC 581/881Portfolio II0
EDC 582/882Portfolio III0
Additional required courses for Mathematics or English/Language Arts License Candidates
EDC 812Math in The Middle School3
EDC 832Teaching Writing3

Business Vocational License Courses

EDG 953Prin of Career & Technical ED3
EDG 952Org & Admin of Coop Ed Program3

Special Education (GTCP-SE) Courses - 37 Credits (online/blended)

EDC 835Found Spec Ed Inst Diverse Pop3
EDC 836Legal Foundations in Spec Edu3
EDC 837Teaching Mathematic Strategies3
EDC 838Class & Behavior Mgmt in SPED3
EDC 839Found Reading & Lit Strat3
EDC 880Portfolio I0
EDC 840Diff Read Intervntns for SPED3
EDC 841Evid-Based Inst Strat in SPED3
EDC 842Char of & Int Stu w Sig Dis3
EDC 843Assessment & Pro Mon in SPED3
EDC 868Practicum1
EDC 881Portfolio II0
EDC 844Collab & Teaming for Eff Inst3
EDC 862Clinicals0
EDC 845SPED 1st 9 Stu Teach ELM/MDL1-6
EDC 846SPED 2nd 9 Stu Teach MDL/HIGH1-6
EDC 882Portfolio III0

Participants in the ESL, Bilingual and Gifted &Talented programs are required to complete 18 additional CORE credits in the traditional Teaching and Learning Master track in order to earn a Master's of Science in Education - Teaching and Learning.

ESL Minor Courses

EDG 700/900Cross Cultural Comm Teachers3
EDG 706/906Basic English Linguistics3
EDG 677/816ELL Lit: Read, Writ & Grammar3
EDG 681/817Accommod Diff in Lit Learners3
EDG 682/819Methods of Teaching ESL3
EDG 683/871Observ, Anal, & Pract in ESL3
EDG 695/897Portfolio: ESL0

Bilingual Education Concentration Courses

In addition to the above ESL minor courses the following courses will need to be taken to obtain the Bilingual Minor license.

EDG 782/982Hist, Pol, Method of Sec Lang3
EDG 783/983Obs, Anal, Pract Bilingual Cl3
EDG 785/985Portfolio: Bilingual (pass/ fail)0

Gifted and Talented Teacher License Courses:

EDC 620/820Issues & Trends in Gifted Educ3
EDC 621/821Unique Needs of Gifted Child3
EDC 622/822Instruct Students Gifts Talent3
EDC 623/823Obs, Anal, Pract Tching Gifted3
EDC 624/824Portfolio: Gifted & Talented0
For Gifted & Talented Coordinator License:
EDC 625/825Coord Gifted Talented Progs3