Interprofessional Informatics Certificate

Concordia’s 18-credit post-bachelor’s Interprofessional Informatics certificate is an interdepartmental program that provides foundational knowledge for professionals in a variety of disciplines to learn to make data-driven decisions.

Program Structure

Designed to provide health care and educational professionals the training/education to access, mine, manage and use data appropriately to influence decision making and foster continuous quality improvement in their positions. The program consists of 15 credits of coursework as well as a 3 credit capstone project individualized to each student.

Core: Students complete five (5) for a total of 15 credits:

  • MSN 860 Foundations of Health Care Informatics (health care track) OR IPE 810 Introduction to Informatics (non-health care track)
  • IPE    820 Information Systems and Technology
  • MBA 825 Database Structures and Processes
  • IPE    827 Project Management
  • IPE    840 Informatics Analytics in Practice

Capstone: 3 credits:

  • IPE    830 Informatics Capstone

Admission Requirements

Permission from Dean of Nursing.