The pMBA advanced standing degree program will empower working professionals to maximize their God given potential in executive, business and other organizational leadership roles i.e. doctors, engineers, lawyers, corporate executives and officers, by recognizing their existing expertise, coupled with business administration acumen. It builds upon and leverages current professional experience and graduate training (e.g. MD, PhD).

The pMBA program seeks to prepare professional individuals in mind, body and spirit for service in the World, as part of our University’s Christ-centered mission. The focus will be on Christian ethical business practices, global citizenship, collaboration, and analytics and problem solving that add business skills to students’ existing professional skills. Students will have the opportunity to work closely with faculty and their cohort peers analyzing and evaluating business scenarios from various angles for the purpose of developing a strong lens through which to see the world, its problems and challenges, and its opportunities. Students will get exposure to prominent business leaders and entrepreneurs in their fields, both in the Midwest and via a class trip to Silicon Valley. pMBA students will also be able to bring the Christian ethical worldview back to their companies, their places of businesses, and their communities, and demonstrate these principles in their interactions with others. The pMBA program seeks to produce strong and well educated leaders capable of significant impact, and the confidence to make real change in their organizations, communities and in the world. *Currently the pMBA advanced standing degree is a cohort based program offered at Concordia University's Ann Arbor campus location exclusively

Program Structure 

The pMBA is an advanced standing degree consisting of thirty-nine (39) credits. Students will enter the program with nine (9) credits of advanced standing over the traditional MBA program for recognition of prior graduate coursework and professional executive-level, or other leadership experience. Thus, students must complete thirty (30) credits of pMBA course work as follows: 

• The pMBA core curriculum is comprised of twenty-four (24) credits and is designed to provide students with a broad spectrum of advanced instruction in many areas of business.

• An additional required three (3) credits of strategic innovation which allows the student to harness the power and potential of leading and solving complex business problems and creating sustainable solutions in collaborative innovative approaches.

• A three (3) credit professional seminar series will be delivered further allows the student to learn from industry leaders, develop effective connections through professional organizations and networks and hone their networking skills with likeminded professionals. This course culminates in a working trip to Silicon Valley to learn from leading tech entrepreneurs.

Prior graduate degree and professional experience will provide a foundation for which students chose to place emphasis in their studies, and also help drive the focus of student applied projects.

Applicants will be evaluated for knowledge in the areas of accounting, finance, management, marketing, economics, and statistics, and provided guidance on how to fulfill any prerequisites if required. However, prerequisites do not need to be completed prior to starting the pMBA program. Students with professional experience in these content areas may request to have the prerequisite(s) waived.

Admissions Requirement

In addition to the requirements for the traditional MBA, because this is a professional MBA, applicants must also possess a doctoral or other terminal degree in their industry/discipline/profession (e.g. MD, PhD, JD, PharmD). If applicants lack the doctoral degree, admission may be allowed if applicants have at least 10 years of qualifying executive-level experience (if no Doctorate degree) or 5 years executive level experience (if Master's degree), and with approval of the program director. Applicants must submit a written essay that describes how they will draw upon their professional experience including any prior graduate program work, to be used as part of their pMBA studies, including the capstone project and the seminar series (where prominent speakers in the applicants’ discipline will be hosted). Students will be expected to apply business principles learned in the pMBA program to their current professional area.

• Completed online application

• A doctoral, masters, or other terminal degree from a regionally accredited institution, plus 5 years of executive-level experience or leadership role within an organization.

• Official transcripts from each degree-granting institution attended

• Current résumé with references

• Two letters of recommendation

• Written essay (no more than three pages) citing evidence as to how you intend to apply your professional experience towards your pMBA studies. Include reasons why you chose Concordia University Ann Arbor.

• Admissions interview

Please contact the graduate admissions office or program director for specific cohort launch information and start dates.


Today’s challenging and changing global economy demands ethical and effective leaders! The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership & Administration (OLA) at Concordia University empowers you to develop the qualities and traits of a transformational leader. The OLA program exposes you to leadership theory and practice, vital ethical and guiding principles, and team-building exercises. Christian Leadership that Empowers Today’s Minds to Transform Tomorrow’s World! The OLA Program requires 32 semester hours of credit comprising 11 courses.

Inspiring change and cooperation in an organization requires a smart and intuitive team leader, equipped with the right tools to create and maximize the benefits of a truly motivated work environment. The result: a strong group identity built on commitment and trust.

A graduate-level degree in Organizational Leadership and Administration (OLA) prepares you for management roles in all areas of business. Concordia University OLA program blends Christian leadership and ethics with organizational theory and practice. It prepares a wide variety of working professionals to work with people and guide group efforts effectively with methods based in proven scientific study.

OLA505 Theories, Strategy, and Visioning for Leaders            OLA555 Financial Analysis and Budgeting

OLA509 Leading Change in Organizations                                OLA563 Leadership in International Organizations

OLA515 Organizational Communication and Negotiations    OLA570 Leadership Competencies Practicum 

OLA521 Selecting and Implementing Information Systems     OLA585 Oral Defense of Capstone Project

OLA542 Ethical Dimensions in Leadership                         OLA584 Capstone Project Research (1 day residency/prospectus)

OLA550 Special Topics in Leadership