Classical Education Program

Program Introduction

The Classical Education Program is an interdisciplinary course of study in Classical studies and Classical teaching methods, grounded in the Liberal Arts tradition with a strong foundation in the Lutheran heritage.


The classical education program is intended to prepare students who wish to teach in schools and academies which have adopted a classical paradigm for their curricula and principles of pedagogy.  It consists of a Classical Studies Major (or Minor) which gives the students a solid grounding in classical learning and a Classical Pedagogy Minor, which provides training in distinctively classical principles of instruction and methods of learning.  Students also have the option of completing a major in Arts & Sciences (such as mathematics, science, English or History).  Concordia’s program is designed specifically to provide teachers for both Lutheran and other Christian schools that have adopted a Classical curriculum. Graduates of the program are eligible for rostering within the LCMS, but admission is open to members of any Christian denomination.

Program Requirements

  1. Classical Pedagogy minor (22-24 credits)
  2. Classical Studies major (36 credits) OR
    Arts & Sciences major (36-56 credits) AND Classical Studies minor (18-21 credits)

Minor Requirements

Required Courses
PSY 305Psy of Teaching and Learning3
ENG 350Classical & Modern Rhetoric3
LA 305Teach Meth Classical Edu3
HIST 401Hist Ed in West Tradit3
LEGL 325Lgl Landscape American School3
LA 499Classical Education Student Teaching6
LA 490Practicum1-3
Total Hours22-24