Offered at: Ann Arbor, Mequon

The Biology major provides a traditional background for students interested in careers in the biological sciences whether it be in industry, government, or academia.  This major includes a broader focus (including more plants and animals) than the Biomedical Sciences Major, but still provides the foundational knowledge for most post-doctoral programs in a medical field.  Accordingly, this major is commonly selected by students interested in pre-health professional education. 

The broad perspective of the Biology major provides an opportunity for students to identify and focus on areas of biology that are of specific interest to them.  Opportunities at the Concordia Center for Environmental Stewardship (CCES) and to do research with science faculty are readily available. 

Core Requirements 145
Major Requirements56
Minor: Optional
Total Hours126

Major Requirements

Required Core Courses
General Chemistry I (Lab Science)
Public Speaking (Communication)
Interpersonal Communication
Statistics I (Mathematics)
Select one of the following:
Environmental Ethics (Human Beings and Being Human)
Bioethical Dilemmas (Human Beings and Being Human)
Cosmogony (Human Beings and Being Human)
Recommended Core/Elective Courses
General Psychology
Environmental Law
Environmental Law
Ecology of the Tropics (Culture)
Required Major Courses
BIO 141General Biology I4
or BIO 151 Functional Human Biology I
BIO 240Zoology4
BIO 244Botany4
BIO 260Microbiology4
BIO 348Genetics4
BIO 490Biology Senior Seminar (1 credit course taken twice)2
General Chemistry I (taken in core)
CHEM 142General Chemistry II4
CHEM 241Organic Chemistry I4
CHEM 242Organic Chemistry II4
PHYS 151General Physics I4
or PHYS 171 University Physics I
PHYS 152General Physics II4
or PHYS 172 University Physics II
Major Electives
Choose a minimum of 14 credits of the following: 214
BIO 142General Biology II4
or BIO 152 Functional Human Biology II
BIO 156Environmental Science4
BIO 191Human Anat & Phys I4
BIO 192Human Anat & Phys II4
BIO 285Pathophysiology3
BIO 301Advan Func Anatomy & Physiolog4
BIO 321Cell Biology4
BIO 351Immunology3
BIO 367Ecology of the Tropics3
BIO 368Ecology of the Tropics-Lab1
BIO 370Ornithology4
BIO 381Histology3
BIO 399Biology Internship 31-4
BIO 410Ecology4
BIO 420Molecular Genetics4
BIO 430Pharmacology3
BIO 445Biological Methods4
BIO 470Human Physiology4
BIO 499Undergraduate Research 31-4
CHEM 361Environmental Chemistry/Toxicology I3
CHEM 425Biochemistry4
SCI 275Cosmogony (if not taken in the core)3
Total Hours56