The theology minor and major are intended primarily for students who are preparing for certification as professional church workers such as Lutheran School Teachers or Lay Ministers. For this reason an internship in the appropriate area of professional church work is included in the requirements. Other students interested in theological study should consider a minor or major in Christian Thought.

Core Requirements 145
Major Requirements30
Minor: Optional
Total Hours126

Major Requirements

Required Core Courses
Old Testament
Biblical Theology
REL XXX Theology Elective
Required Courses
REL 203New Testament3
Theology/Philosophy Elective
Select one of the following:3
Lutheran Confessions (for all church-work students )
Law/Gosp Life in Church
A Survey of Christian Thought
Christian Apologetic I
Christ and Culture
Office of Church Worker Elective
ED 411Profession & Ethics Teaching (for education students)3
or REL 312 Office Professional Chrch Work
Internship Elective
Select one of the following:3
Church Ministries Internship
ED XXX Student Teaching (for education students)
Religious Education Elective
Select one of the following:3
Rel Educ-Youth & Adults
Communicating Bible Messages
Teaching the Faith
Fth Dev Yng Chd:Strat Chld Sp
Comparative Religion Elective
REL 310Religion in America Today3
or REL 410 World Religions
Theology Elective in Outreach
Select one elective in evangelism, missions, etc.3
Bible Elective
Select one OT elective and one NT elective6
REL 440Lutheran Worship Theol & Pract3
Total Hours30