The Paralegal Studies Certificate program will empower and equip students with the skills and acumen necessary to successfully initiate, grow, pursue their skills in legal contexts, and to think precisely, analytically, and creatively in relation to law, justice, and public policy matters. Paralegal Studies encompasses both a vocation and a way of thinking. It is characterized by attention to detail, logical reasoning, mental agility, versatility, the ability to identify and discern issues, critically synthesize and parse information and concepts, challenging oneself, and ethically and professionally resolving problems. Emboldened by CU’s Christian mission of service to the Church and the world, emerging paralegal students will be challenged to look through a service-oriented lens to benefit the legal profession, assist in the development and administration of public policy, promote justice support the economic community, and strive to address conflict with Christian principles .

Vision Statement

The vision of the Paralegal Studies program is to be a dynamic neighbor and partner with organizations and communities in need of legal resources and is dedicated to training, nurturing, and developing valuable, ethical, and legal professionals through cultivating the knowledge and skills fundamental to achieving these ends.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Paralegal Studies program is to offer a Christ-centered approach to educating, training, and developing students for a career in the paralegal or other legal environments. The curriculum is based on the study of legal principles and the practical application of the law through scenario-based learning.

Course Requirements

Required Courses12
Intro Paralegal Studies/Ethics
Legal Research & Writing I
Legal Research & Writing II
Civil Procedure
Select three (3) from the following list:9
PLGL 202
PLGL 203
PLGL 207
Tort Law for Paralegals
PLGL 220
PLGL 230
PLGL 240
PLGL 250
PLGL 260
PLGL 270
PLGL 308
PLGL 310
PLGL 311
PLGL 320
PLGL 330
PLGL 399
Total Hours21