Concordia University Adult Education Studies is charged with carrying the mission of the University to the non-traditional adult student. Like the traditional degree programs, the programs in Adult Education are founded in the Christian Liberal Arts tradition of the University.

Our program is very much tailored to the needs and unique capabilities of the adult learner. For instance, classes are offered at locations near students’ home or work. Classes are offered in an accelerated evening format. In addition, students can earn credit in a variety of modalities including the traditional classroom setting, telecourses, and college level learning experiences obtained outside the classroom.

Adult Education delivers courses at eleven off-campus centers located in Missouri and Louisiana, as well as Wisconsin. The average age of students attending the program is 34, typically 25 years old at a minimum, and students are required to have several years of work experience. A separate catalog is produced for adult education studies, and you are referred to it for further details.