Women's Studies (WST)

WST 101. Intro to Women's Studies. (3 Credits)

introduces students to concepts, issues, research, and theories developed within the Women’s Studies discipline. It will examine how gender interacts with racer, class, culture, ethnicity and other socio-cultural factors; how institutions like the media, educational systems, business organizations, the law, and the church influence society’s perception of women; how feminist theory and the feminist movement has matured over time; and how a Christian worldview informs feminist theory and Women’s Studies research. 3 credits

Prerequisite: None

Offered at: CUW

WST 465. Special Topics. (3 Credits)

focuses on emerging issues in the realm of Women’s Studies (education, health care, politics, etc.). The course may be repeated as the subject varies. 3 credits.

Prerequisites: WST 101.