Art (A)

The study of art includes: the expression of individual ideas through the creation of art, the interpretation and understanding of visual signs and symbols through critical study, and the appreciation and understanding of art as a visual record of human experience.  Art majors experiment with a variety of materials and techniques to encourage artistic and cognitive growth while mastering media as means of personal expression.  A number of courses are taken at nearby Washtenaw Community College (WCC), which offers excellent additional facilities.  

Students who select studio specializations in Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture and/or Ceramics at CUAA complete 6 credits of upper level courses in two disciplines and 9 credits of electives in addition to the specializations.  Electives may be used to extend an area of specialization.

Students who select studio specializations in Photographic Imagining, Digital Video Production or 3D Animation, complete 19-21 credits of coursework at nearby WCC.  Coursework at WCC is selected and approved in consultation with the student's art advisor.