Computer Science Major (A)

Required Core Courses7
Natural World
Any 4-credit Physical Science (Chem/Phys)
Any Calculus course
Remaining Core38
Major Requirements
CSC 150Foundations of Comp Science3
CSC 250Computer Science, Thry/Prct I3
CSC 300Computer Science,Thry/Prct II3
CSC 310Web-Based Software Devel3
CSC 325Computer Org & Arch I3
CSC 350Computer Operating System3
CSC 360Data Structures and Algorithms3
CSC 370Software Engineering3
CSC 426Data Security and Info Assuran3
CSC 430Database & Info Management3
CSC 440Networking3
CSC 470Programming Languages3
CSC 480Topics in Computer Science3
Professional Core
MATH 205Statistics I3
MATH 220Discrete Math3
Total Hours120