Biomedical Sciences Major (A)

Core Requirements 145
Major Requirements61
Minor: Optional
Total Hours126
Required Core Classes
General Chemistry I (Natural World: Science with a lab)
Statistics I (Natural World: Mathematics)
Bioethical Dilemmas (Human Beings and Being Human)
Recommended Courses
MATH 201Calculus I (for pre-med students)4
PSY 101General Psychology3
SOC 101Intro to Sociology (for premed students)3
Major Requirements
BIO 151Functional Human Biology I4
BIO 152Functional Human Biology II4
BIO 191Human Anat & Phys I4
BIO 192Human Anat & Phys II4
BIO 260Microbiology4
BIO 321Cell Biology4
BIO 348Genetics4
BIO 490Biology Senior Seminar 12
General Chemistry I (taken in core)
CHEM 142General Chemistry II4
CHEM 241Organic Chemistry I4
CHEM 242Organic Chemistry II4
CHEM 425Biochemistry4
Statistics I (taken in core)
PHYS 151General Physics I4
PHYS 152General Physics II4
Bioethical Dilemmas (taken in core)
Electives (choose a minimum of 7 credits from the following)7
BIO 285Pathophysiology3
BIO 351Immunology3
BIO 367Ecology of the Tropics3
BIO 368Ecology of the Tropics-Lab1
BIO 399Biology Internship 21-4
BIO 430Pharmacology3
BIO 499Undergraduate Research 21-4
CHEM 399Chemistry Internship 21-4
CHEM 499Undergraduate Research 21-4
SCI 275Cosmogony3
Total Hours61