Digital Media Design (A)

A degree in digital media design prepares you to create products in a digital and electronic format, providing foundational skills in social media design and communication, web design, 3D printing and more.  As a digital media design student, you will take a variety of courses in art, communication, graphic design, digital photography and web design.  You will also have access to experiential learning opportunities on and off campus, so you can practice the art, communication and technological skills introduced in the classroom.  Upon graduation, you will have a brilliant portfolio to highlight all your skills and be career ready.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Communicate effectively in a range of multi-media, considering audience, purpose, and context of the work.
  • Apply appropriate historical knowledge in the creation, description and analysis of visual (technical, spiritual, philosophical, and social endeavors) art.
  • Demonstrate technical proficiency and aesthetic sensibility relative to observational drawing, composition, and the manipulation of multi-media, including appropriate computer/digital applications.
  • Examine the role and impact of visual communication, mass media in society, and communication media.
  • Prepare documents/artifacts and practice strategies to seek employment or to advance in a chosen field.


Core Requirements45
Major Requirements31
Total Hours120

Major Requirements 

Required Courses
GD 110Graphic Design I3
GD 111Graphic Design II3
GD 360Web Design I3
ART 1112-D Composition3
ART 130Digital Photography I3
ART 145Drawing for Art Majors3
ART 246Color & Media Dynamics3
ART 285Art History I3
ART 286Art History II3
ART 310History of Design3
ART 450Senior Portfolio/Exhibition1
Total Hours31

Choose one of the following emphases:

Social Media Emphasis

Required Courses
COMM 260Social Media3
COMM 321Media Writing3
COMM 322Multimedia Design3
COMM 339Film & Video Production3
COMM 448Advanced Multimedia Production3
ART 360Special Topics in Photography3
Total Hours18

Communication Emphasis

Required Courses
ENG 245Advanced Writing3
COMM 260Social Media3
COMM 265Journalism3
COMM 321Media Writing3
COMM 322Multimedia Design3
COMM 339Film & Video Production3
Total Hours18