History Major (A)

Our History Department will help you develop an understanding of the major events and themes across the eras and around the globe while acquiring the necessary skills to read, write, and speak about history. You’ll go beyond the “facts” to reveal the multitude of interpretations offered to help us understand our past.

The History program is designed to help students develop knowledge of broad areas of history and philosophy of history; understanding of the major events and themes in history and historiography; and skills necessary to read, write, speak, and teach about history and historical writing.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Recognize, describe and synthesize the essential narratives of history, particularly in terms of chronology and geography;
  • Demonstrate knowledge and cultural understanding of European, American, and non-Western civilizations and to compare those cultures across time;
  • Understand the interdisciplinary nature of historical study and to draw upon the perspectives and research of related disciplines (such as economics, sociology, geography, archaeology, music, art, literature, etc.) in order to explore a historical problem or to add dimension to their own research;
  • Develop communication skills (written, oral, and interpersonal);
  • Demonstrate disciplinary thinking in the ability to define and describe the concept of historiography and to employ historical methodology (i.e., to identify and employ relevant primary and secondary sources; to evaluate evidence; to analyze secondary materials; and to ask pertinent questions) in order to reach sound conclusions regarding specific historical events and issues;
  • Describe and evaluate the concept of historical process, particularly from a Christian perspective, and articulate how this perception of historical process influences present ideas and values.


Core Requirements45
Major Requirements36
Minor: Optional
Total Hours120

Major Requirements

Required Courses
U.S. History 6
European History 6
Non-Western/Global History6
HIST 385Historical Methods3
HIST 490History Seminar3
Select one of the following emphases:12
I. Emphasis in American History
U.S. History
European or Non-Western/ Global History
II. Emphasis in European History
European History
U.S. or Non-Western/Global History
III. Emphasis in Global History
Non-Western/Global History
U.S. or European History
Total Hours36