Mass Communication Major (A)

As a graduate in the Mass Communication program, you’ll leave with all the skills you need to communicate effectively through a variety of channels. Not only will you be a stronger communicator, but you’ll also be a better leader. Having studied topics like interpersonal communication and cross-cultural communication, you’ll be ready to work with diverse groups of people. You’ll also be able to evaluate broadcast news writing and radio dialogue to critically think about the best way to convey your message. What’s more, you’ll examine issues within the field like building or breaking trust with an audience and analyzing why certain messages are effective.  You’ll be ready to handle challenges in the field, stand out in the workforce and lead a life full of Christian service.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Develop and present cogent, coherent, and accurate writing for general and specialized audiences;
  • Communicate effectively to audiences by listening actively and responding constructively as Scripture instructs within various contexts;
  • Draw from various disciplines to describe orally and in writing how existing knowledge or practice is advanced, tested, and revised in each core field studied;
  • Distinguish and examine communication-related problems from a Christian perspective to better serve society;
  • Cultivate appropriate organizational skills related to professionalism, work ethic, and attitude; and
  • Examine the role and impact of visual communication, mass media in society, and communication media.


Core Curriculum 145
Major Requirement45
Minor Required (minimum 18 credits)
Total Hours120

 For transfer students, please see the Advanced Transfer Core.

Major Requirements 

Required Courses
COMM 105Public Speaking *3
COMM 201Interpersonal Communication3
COMM 205Advanced Public Speaking3
COMM 265Journalism3
COMM 280Careers in Communication3
COMM 460Cross-Cultural Communication *3
COMM 470Internship3
COMM 490Research Seminar3
Mass Communication
Take 3 total credits of the following 2 courses:3
COMM 250Intro To Mass Communication3
COMM 321Media Writing3
COMM 329Film History3
or PHIL 371 Philosophy and Film
COMM 339Film & Video Production3
or COMM 351 Radio Production
COMM 270Sports Journalism3
or COMM 347 Animation
or COMM 439 Advanced Film and Video Production
COMM 327Storytelling & Oral Histories (OR a COMM course not already taken)3