Pharmaceutical Science (A)

The Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences is designed for students who wish to earn both a B.S. and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree at Concordia University. Students complete the core requirements, many of the major requirements, and the general elective requirements during the first three years at Concordia, then complete the remaining major requirements during their first year in the CUW School of Pharmacy.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of and ability to apply fundamental biological and chemical concepts;
  • Analyze and interpret data to arrive at appropriate conclusions;
  • Develop investigative and critical thinking skills to explore complex questions and solve challenging scientific problems;
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate scientific information effectively to both scientists and non-scientists; and
  • Act ethically and responsibly, demonstrating an understanding of the role science plays in societal issues, particularly in regards to healthcare.


Core Requirements45
Major Requirements68
Total Hours120

Major Requirements

Required Core Courses
General Chemistry I (Natural World, Lab Science 4 credits)
Statistics I (Natural World, Mathematics 3 credits)
Required Courses
BIO 151Functional Human Biology I4
BIO 152Functional Human Biology II4
CHEM 142General Chemistry II4
CHEM 241Organic Chemistry I4
CHEM 242Organic Chemistry II4
MATH 201Calculus I4
CHEM 491Chemistry Senior Seminar I *1
CHEM 492Chemistry Senior Seminar II *1
PHYS 151General Physics I4
or PHYS 171 University Physics I
PHYS 152General Physics II4
or PHYS 172 University Physics II
The Pharmaceutical Sciences Major must also complete at least 7 credits from the following:7
Biology of Microorganisms (4 credits)
Cell Biology (4 credits)
Genetics (4 credits)
Immunology (3 credits)
Pharmacology (3 credits)
Biochemistry (4 credits)
The pharmaceutical sciences major must also complete the following 27 credits in the pharmacy curriculum as a Doctor of Pharmacy Student at CUW
PHAR 310Pharmacy Biochemistry *3
PHAR 312Pharmacy Anatomy and Physiology *5
PHAR 314Pharmacy Microbiology *4
PHAR 320Pharmaceutics I *2
PHAR 322Pharmaceutics II *4
PHAR 330Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry I *3
PHAR 340Pharmacy and the Health Care System *3
PHAR 350Pharmacotherapy I: Self Care *2
PHAR 352Pharmacy Calculations *1
Total Hours68

*Course must be taken during P1 year at CUW School of Pharmacy