Christian Thought Minor (A)

The world needs leaders who have thought about the Christian faith and how best to share the Gospel with people living in an age of distraction. Christian thought is devoted to the study of the history of Christianity, Christian doctrine, Christian philosophy, apologetics, and ethics. The major and minor provide the opportunity to study the structure of Christian belief and practice. Students are equipped in mind and spirit for service to Christ in the Church and world. These programs are suitable for anyone with an interest in theology and philosophy and a sincere desire to carry out the Great Commission.


Required Core Courses
Old Testament
Biblical Theology
Any REL course with a number above 204 1
Required Courses
HIST 208History of Christianity3
HIST 475The Reformations3
PHIL 325Christian Apologetics3
PHIL 334Christ and Culture3
REL 203New Testament3
REL 310Religion in America Today3
Minor Elective
Any 300-level or 400-level class in history, theology, or philosophy.3
Total Hours21

Strongly recommended: a course in historical theology, such as REL 333 A Survey of Christian Thought.