Theatrical Communication Minor (A)

A Theatrical Communication minor supports the mission of CU by strengthening one’s faith, convictions, and action by developing necessary critical thinking, communication, and interpersonal relationship skills needed for service in the church, the world, and professional vocations. Theatre courses fulfill this by building a community of artists and creative thinkers who are working at increasing their communication and performance skills, as well as teambuilding and problem solving that can be applied to their personal and professional lives. Students entering the fields of teaching, ministry, education, business, and even the medical sciences will find the skills developed in theatre courses and theatre productions will enhance their speaking abilities and increase their effectiveness in communicating the written word to an audience. The critical analysis that is involved in all the Theatre courses is exceptional in enhancing one’s ability to self-express and examine the thoughts/behaviors of others as they relate to themselves and others. Every profession today involves communication on its multiple levels and the need for understanding peers, superiors, and constituencies.


Required Courses
THTR 101Theatre Practicum1
THTR 120Orientation to Theatre3
THTR 231Stagecraft I: Intro Stagecraft3
THTR 261Acting I: Introduction to Acting3
THTR 35020th Century American Drama3
THTR 481Theatre Internship2
THTR 490Senior Capstone in Theatre3
Total Hours18