Music Major (A)

Core Requirements 145
Major Requirements42-43
Minor Required18
Total Hours120
Required Courses
MUS 080Concert/Recital Attendance0
MUS 204Keyboard Skills2
MUS 240Music Theory I3
MUS 246Aural Theory I1
MUS 241Music Theory II3
MUS 247Aural Theory II1
MUS 242Music Theory III3
MUS 248Aural Theory III1
MUS 499Recital1,2
Music History Requirement
MUS 271Music History I3
MUS 272Music History II3
MUS 273Music History III3
Music Electives
MUS 175Musical Theater Workshop1
MUS 176Opera Workshop1
MUS 205Intro in Multi-media Product2
MUS 209Vocal Diction1
MUS 210Arborsong1
MUS 243Music Theory IV3
MUS 251Aural Theory IV1
MUS 250Beginning Conducting3
MUS 340World Music2
MUS 351Advanced Conducting3
Total Hours42-43

To be Rostered by the LCMS, the following courses are required.  May be taken in place of the Minor required above.

LCMS Roster - Required Courses
REL 201Old Testament3
REL 203New Testament3
REL 204Biblical Theology3
REL 333A Survey of Christian Thought3
REL 404Lutheran Confessions3
EDU 408Teaching Christian Faith2
EDU 445Office of Christian Teacher2