Parish Music Major (A)

Required Courses
MUS 080Concert/Recital Attendance0
MUS 204Keyboard Skills2
MUS 205Intro in Multi-media Product2
MUS 240Music Theory I3
MUS 241Music Theory II3
MUS 242Music Theory III3
MUS 246Aural Theory I1
MUS 247Aural Theory II1
MUS 248Aural Theory III1
MUS 250Beginning Conducting3
MUS 271Music History I3
MUS 272Music History II3
MUS 351Advanced Conducting3
MUS 430Applying Worship Arts Leadersh3
MUS 440Worship Theology & Practice3
MUS 461Music in Worship3
Students must participate in the ensemble of their principal instrument and take private instruction in their principal instrument for each semester on campus2
The Symphonic Wind Ensemble
Chapel Choir
String Ens./Chamber Orch.
Women's Chorale
Men's Chorus
EDU 325Choral Methods2
20th Century Elective (both tracks, choose one)3
Music Theory IV
Music History III
Church Music Emphasis (Choose either Traditional or Contemporary Track)16
Traditional Track
Traditional Chapel Ensemble
Worship Arts Ensemble
Composing and Arranging
Parish Music Pract/Internship
Applied Lessons
Secondary Applied Area (2 semesters)
Contemporary Track
Worship Arts Ensemble
Traditional Chapel Ensemble
Song Writing & Arranging
Worship Arts Practicum
Applied Lessons
Secondary Applied Area (2 semesters)
Total Hours60
Additional Required Courses for LCMS Roster (opt)
REL 201Old Testament3
REL 203New Testament3
REL 204Biblical Theology3
REL 333A Survey of Christian Thought3
REL 404Lutheran Confessions3
EDU 408Teaching Christian Faith2
EDU 445Office of Christian Teacher2
Total Hours19