Social Sciences (A)

The Adolescent Studies (formerly youth studies) Minor prepares students to equip both caregivers and youth with knowledge and strategies to prevent negative behavior and restore or foster positive behavior in the areas of emotional well-being, academia, career, relationships, morality, and faith.

The Psychology Major meets all undergraduate requirements established by the American Psychological Association. Upon completion, students will be prepared for graduate school in related fields or to enter the workforce providing a variety of human service needs. Coursework is intended to introduce students to various theoretical perspectives, issues pertaining to human development, social influences, and research design. Students also gain practical knowledge and field related experience. A psychology major is the option chosen by students with a variety of interests including: psychology, social work, counseling, and law, health, and human services. A cumulative GPA of 2.75 and a 3.0 in psychology should be attained in order to enroll in any 300/400 level course.