Theological Languages Major (A)

Students learn Hebrew, Greek, and either Latin or German in order to read the Bible and major theological works. The curriculum enables students to attain a high level of competency for reading the Bible in its original languages and is an excellent preparation for graduate work in theology. All pre-seminary students take at least the minor. 

Core Requirements 145
Major Requirements39
Electives (credits may very depending on Major(s) and Minor selected)42
Major: Applied Theology (recommended)
Minor: Required (minimum 18 credits)
Total Hours126

Major Requirements

Required Core Courses
Old Testament
Biblical Theology
Greek I
Theology Elective
It is strongly recommended that the theological elective be fulfilled by taking an upper-level course in biblical content.
Required Courses
One of the language courses below (normally GRK 201) is counted in the core, not the major.
GER (4 credits)/ LAT Language Elective I3
GER (4 credits)/ LAT Language Elective II (Second semester of Language Elective I)3
Greek I
GRK 202Greek II3
GRK 303Greek III3
GRK 304Greek IV3
HEB 301Hebrew I3
HEB 302Hebrew II3
HEB 401Hebrew III3
HEB 402Hebrew IV3
GRK/HEB XXX Greek/Hebrew V3
GRK/HEB XXX Greek/Hebrew VI3
REL 203New Testament3
Biblical Skills elective (any theological languages course or Bible elective)3
Total Hours39