Justice & Public Policy Major (A)

Core Requirements 145
Major Requirements42-45
Minor: Optional
Total Hours120-123

Major Requirements

Required Courses
JPP 102Intro Law Enforcement3
JPP 103Criminology3
JPP 104Intro to Courts3
JPP 110Juvenile Justice Theory3
JPP 150Intro to Probation & Parole3
JPP 206Corrections in America3
JPP 207Substantive Criminal Law3
JPP 214Criminal Investigation3
JPP 255Stress Management for Crim Jus3
JPP 308Procedural Criminal Law3
JPP 310Administrative Law3
JPP 311Criminal Psychology3
JPP 399Internships and Careers in Criminal Justice3-6
JPP 415Ethics in Criminal Justice3
Recommended Electives
Environmental Law
Crim Just Research Methods
Forensic Investigation
Organized Crime
Special Topics in Crim Justice
Law Enforce Certification Prac
White Collar Crime
Total Hours42-45