Business Communications Major (A)

Communication is by far the most important skill professionals have in the business world. Main components of communication within the workplace involve nonverbal communication, audience analysis, data interpretation, and public speaking. 

The Business Communication program provides an opportunity to study topics such as public relations, group dynamics, conflict management and cross-cultural communication. Students gain practical experience through mock-interviews, crisis response activities, networking events, journalism, social media campaigns, and servant leadership opportunities. Graduates of the program are well equipped for a variety of careers in management, corporate communication, negotiation and technical writing.  

Program Learning Outcomes

By fulfilling all of the course requirements for the Bachelor's of Science in Business Communication, students will be able to: 

1. Write and deliver effective speeches for a variety of audiences

2. Apply different managerial perspectives (e.g., classical, human relations, and human resources) to motivate and manage subordinates

3. Write clear letters, proposals, and persuasive messages that accomplish the intended purposes in the workplace

4. Write a research paper that uses and cites a variety of up-to-date and credible sources

5. Use empathetic listening to understand and support those experiencing issues, problems or emotions

6. Negotiate to obtain desired outcomes using either collaborative or competitive approaches, when appropriate

7. Possess readiness to use their God-given gifts effectively in their vocation to serve others.  


Core Requirements 145
Major Requirements75
Minor: Optional
Total Hours120

 For transfer students, please see the Advanced Transfer Core.

Major Requirements

Required Core Courses
Business Statistics (counted in University Core)
Macroeconomics (counted in University Core)
Public Speaking
Interpersonal Communication
Required Business Core Courses
ACCT 203Financial Accounting3
ACCT 223Managerial Accounting3
BUS 161Business Essentials3
BUS 210Business Law I3
BUS 355Management Information Systems3
BUS 399Business Internship3
BUS 453Business Policy and Ethics (Business School Capstone)3
ECON 231Microeconomics3
FIN 300Principles of Finance3
MGMT 130Principles of Management3
MGMT 336Human Resource Management3
MGMT 450International Business3
MKTG 131Principles of Marketing3
Required Courses
BCOM 247Business Writing3
BCOM 300Group Dynamics3
BCOM 390Conflict Management3
COMM 205Advanced Public Speaking3
COMM 260Social Media3
MGMT 340Organization Behavior3
MGMT 345Diversity, Inclusion, and Human Relations3
MKTG 223Public Relations3
Major Electives
Select four of the following:12
Servant Leadership
Intermediate Public Relations
Interviewing Principles
Advanced Public Relations
Cross-Cultural Communication
Gender and Communication
Managing Change
Total Hours75