Justice & Public Policy Minor (A)

A minor in Justice and Public Policy (JPP) from CUWAA will help you understand how administrative law, along with procedural, and substantive criminal laws apply to effecting arrest search and seizure, evidence collection, and courtroom procedures. You’ll learn best practices pertaining to field and custodial interviews, criminal investigations, and procedures involving juvenile. If you are considering an advanced degree, an introductory courses in criminal justice research methods and criminal psychology will prepare you to understand sociological, psychological, bio-physiological, and free-will theories, while learning how to apply theory to practice within the American civil and criminal court systems, correctional system, and justice system.


Required Courses
JPP 102Introduction to Law Enforcement3
JPP 104Introduction to Courts3
JPP 150Introduction to Probation and Parole3
JPP 206Corrections in America3
Minor Electives
Select two JPP Electives6
Total Hours18