Bachelor’s Degree in K-12 Education (A)

Completion of the following courses, in addition to passing the appropriate Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC), leads to certification by the State of Michigan to teach grades K-12 in visual art or music. The candidate will complete the program and be eligible to apply for a secondary education certificate. Should the candidate also elect an additional major or a minor, the major or minor will be included on the secondary certificate (grades 6-12). The candidate must pass the appropriate MTTC for all certificate areas which will be included on the license. In order to be eligible for graduation with a bachelor’s degree in education (K-12), the candidate must pass the visual art or music MTTC test. Selecting an additional major or minor in the K-12 program is optional. Students should allow for more time to complete their studies should they elect to add additional major or minor to the K-12 programs. Candidates electing to complete an additional major or minor will need to complete the appropriate methods courses and an additional internship.