Integrated Science (A)

The Integrated Science Major combined with the requirements of Concordia’s Elementary Education Program prepares students to become effective science teachers. Students will learn the necessary science content from professors who model effective science teaching, learn the best practices in education and engage in numerous hours of field work in area classrooms. Once completed, students will know and be able to apply the fundamental concepts in the physical, life, and Earth /space sciences. They will understand the nature of science, its unifying concepts, and the inquiry process scientists use to discover new knowledge and they will use this knowledge to enable future students to build a base for scientific and technological literacy. This course of study will prepare students for the Michigan Test of Teacher Certification (MTTC) and meets all of the requirements set by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) and National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) necessary for certification.

Integrated Science Major: Secondary Education *
Science Knowledge Component6 credits
Integrated Science (3 credits) 1 2 3 4
Cosmogony (3 credits) 1 3
Life Sciences Component16 credits
Functional Human Biology I (4 credits) 1 3
Functional Human Biology II (4 credits) 2 4
Genetics (4 credits) 3
Ecology (4 credits) 3
Physical Sciences Component16 credits
General Chemistry I (4 credits) 1 3
General Chemistry II (4 credits) 2 4
General Physics I (4 credits) 1 3
General Physics II (4 credits) 2 4
Earth/Space Science Component12 credits
Earth Science (4 credits) 2
Atmospheric and Space Science (4 credits) 4
Environmental Science (4 credits) 1