Elementary Education (A)

Completion of the elementary teacher education program, with a passing grade on the Elementary Education test of the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) leads to certification by the State of Michigan to teach all subjects in grades kindergarten to 5 and all subjects in grades 6 to 8 in self-contained classrooms. Passing the appropriate MTTC content area test also qualifies you to teach in a departmentalized program (grades 6 to 8) in the area(s) of your specialization (major or minors.)

Students pursuing certification in elementary education must choose either Option 1 OR Option 2.

Option 1

Option 1 consists of three components - General Studies, Professional Education Sequence and Specialty Studies (which must include a content area major).

Option 2

Option 2 consists of four components – General Studies, Professional Education Sequence, Comprehensive Major (Elementary Education Major), and Specialty Studies - Early Childhood Education (ECE) minor, English as a Second Language minor (ESL), Spanish minor, or Special Education - Learning Disabilities major.