Secondary Education - Comprehensive Social Studies (A)

Students will acquire the ability to use important concepts which describe and explain individual and human characteristics, both now and in the past. They will learn and develop skills in observing and analyzing a wide range of social behavior, as well as gain an understanding of the ways in which social structure and rules both frustrate and enhance individual perceptions. In addition, they will develop critical skills which will help them to gather and communicate social information. They will learn the major social and behavioral science concepts and skills and therefore become more effective leaders and servants. Finally, the curriculum places a strong emphasis on participation in society as productive citizens, ones who are able to "rule and be ruled finely" as people of God in the world.

State Endorsement Code: RX

MTTC Test Code: 084


Program Learning Outcomes 

The Concordia University Ann Arbor School of Education adheres to the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification, which state that upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Understand historical concepts, terms, and perspectives
  • Understand major events and developments in world history, US history,
  • Identify geographical terms, concepts and resources
  • Understand physical and human systems as well as understand the interactions between humans and their environments
  • Understand the different levels of US government as well as state and local organizational structure and duties.  The student will also be able to explain the role that the United States has in the international community
  • Understand economic concepts and market economy, as well as understand and identify different levels of economic structure including personal, national, and international
  • Understand core democratic values, recognize the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in a democratic society, and apply methods for analyzing public policy questions.
  • Teach social studies to 6-12 grade students


Secondary Education Required Courses
Year One
EDU 100Education Seminar 1 2 3 40
EDU 220Foundations of Education 1 2 3 43
EDU 203Education Technology 1 2 3 41
Year 2
EDU 214Child Development 1 2 3 43
EDU 200Admit to Program Seminar 1 2 3 40
EDU 348Art of Teaching 1 2 3 44
Year Three
EDU 303Differentiating Instruction 2 43
EDU 460Secondary Methods 1 34
Year Four MTTC Professional Readiness Exam
EDU 438Content Area Reading (w) 2 43
EDU 300Professional Semester Seminar 1 2 3 40
EDU 446Student Teaching:Secondary Ed12
Total Hours33
Comprehensive Group Social Studies Major: Secondary Education
Historical Perspective Courses
CCE 110Western Culture & Worldview3
HIST 151American Civilization I3
HIST 152American Civilization II3
World History Courses
HIST 163Non-Western World:A History Non-Western World:A History Non-Western World: A History3
HIST 221The Ancient World3
World History Elective (3 credits)3
United States History Courses
HIST 215The Civil War3
HIST 309Early America: 1492-18003
American History Elective (3 credits)3
Geography Courses
GEOG 220Cultural Geography3
Physical Geography Elective3
Political Science Courses
POLS 201American Government3
POLS 361Civil Rights & Civil Liberties3
Economics Courses
ECON 222Macroeconomics3
ECON 231Microeconomics3
Interdisciplinary Perspectives Courses
SOC 255Urban Society3
HIST 385Historical Methods3
Total Hours51