Special Education Learning Disabilities Endorsement Grades K-12 (A)

Students develop the knowledge and skills needed to teach children with learning disabilities in grades K-12. This program combines rigorous coursework with hands-on experience to ensure candidates gain a comprehensive education.  This certification is earned in conjunction with a certifiable program in Pk-3, 3-6, 5-9 or 7-12.

State Endorsement Code: SM

MTTC Test Code: 114

Professional Sequence Learning Outcomes:

  • Plan, modify and apply evidence based instructional approaches that promote vocabulary growth.
  • Implement texts that showcase a variety of viewpoints, genres, literary devices and audiences.
  • Cultivate students’ literary identities through motivational and engagement strategies.
  • Learn to provide opportunities for active listening and collaborative classroom discussions.
  • Possess the knowledge of a plethora of literary texts relevant to secondary learners to encourage reading for pleasure.
  • Connect teaching and learning to social contexts that promote student growth of critical consciousness.

The School of Education Program Learning Outcomes:

  • SL1.  Faith Integration: Candidates display the Christian principles that are central to the university’s mission.
  • SL2. Caring Relationships: Candidates establish caring, supportive relationships with students, families and colleagues.
  • RP3.  Disciplinary Knowledge: Candidates demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the skills and frameworks of their content areas appropriate to their certification.
  • RP4.  Pedagogy and Instruction: Candidates understand and implement best practices of instruction and deliver well-differentiated and well-aligned instruction that empowers students as learners.
  • RP5.  Communication: Candidates demonstrated effective communication skills to enhance teaching and learning.
  • RP6. Assessment: Candidates use various types of assessment to evaluate student progress and to improve their instruction.
  • RP7.  Classroom Environment: Candidates assess and respond appropriately to the cultures of diverse classrooms, schools, and the community.
  • LL8.  Professionalism and Personal Growth: Candidates engage in continuous growth by consistently expanding their professional knowledge, skills and dispositions.

Special Education Learning Disabilities Outcomes:

  • Understand types, characteristics, and implications of learning disabilities on the progressions of learning, communication, physical, and social emotional skills development.
  • Understand how to assess students with learning disabilities and how to develop individualized plans
  • Teach and promote the development of students with learning disabilities
  • Communicate and collaborate with students, families, general education teachers, and other members of the learning community
  • Be professional and private in all dealings with students with learning disabilities


Special Education Major (Learning Disabilities)
EDU 491Intro to Learning Disabilities3
EDU 492Spec Ed Legis & Legal Guidelin3
EDU 493Mtg Social, Emot, Behav Needs3
EDU 494Coll w/Parents, Students, Prof3
EDU 495Deter Elig & Design Ed Program3
EDU 496Language & Literacy3
EDU 497Math Strat for Spec Lrng Needs3
EDU 498Inst Cont Areas Stud Lrng Dis3
EDU 499Dir Stu Teach in Spec Ed6
Total Hours30