English Education Minor (A)

Courses in English include the study of writing, language, and literature. Writing courses are designed to teach strategies for producing clear, effective, and expressive written communication. Study of the English language is designed to teach language principles and history in order to foster informed attitudes toward varieties of language and language change. Courses in literature are designed to teach methods of literary interpretation through the study of representative works. This is an endorsement only and must be taken along with an approved Secondary Education Major.

State Endorsement Code: BA

MTTC Test Code: 002


English Minor: Secondary Education
Language Courses
ENG 305English Grammar and Usage3
ENG 365History of the English Language3
Expression Course
ENG 245Advanced Writing3
American Literature Courses
ENG 341American Literature I3
ENG 342American Literature II3
English Literature Courses
ENG 344British Literature I3
ENG 345British Literature II3
Other Required Courses
ENG 315Contemporary Mosaic3
Total Hours24