Art Major (M)

The Art Major consists of 40 credit hours of course work including a wide variety of studio courses, and courses in art history, aesthetics, and portfolio preparation. Art majors experiment with a variety of materials and techniques to encourage artistic and cognitive growth while mastering media as means of personal expression. In addition to the 45-credit Liberal Arts core requirements and required courses listed below, all art majors are encouraged to complete requirements for a minor. A Business or Marketing Minor is strongly recommended to help students develop the skills they will need to channel their talents into a successful career. Program requirements include purchase of a Mac laptop (available at reduced prices via

Core Requirements 145
Major Requirements40
Minor: Required - A minor in Business or Marketing is strongly recommended.
Total Hours120

Major Requirements

Required Courses
GD 111Graphic Design II3
or GD 110 Graphic Design I
ART 1112-D Composition3
ART 2103D Design3
ART 145Drawing for Art Majors3
ART 246Color & Media Dynamics3
ART 285Art History I3
ART 286Art History II3
ART 381Aesthetics3
ART 450Senior Portfolio/Exhibition1
Select from both lists 2D or 3D a total of 5 courses 115
2D Course List
Digital Photography I
Darkroom Photography I
Printmaking Studio I
Photography II
Drawing II:Assorted Media
Painting I
Art & Architecture in Paris 2
Art in Italy
ART 29X Applied Design
History of Design 2
Printmaking II
Printmaking III
Drawing III
Painting II:Watercolor
History of Photography 2
ART XXX Special Topics in Art
3D Course List
Ceramics I
History of Architecture 2
Advanced Ceramics
Sculpture I
Sculpture II
ART 29X Applied Design
3-D Modelling
ART XXX Special Topics in Art
Any other 200-300 level studio courses
Total Hours40