Interior Architecture and Design Major (M)

Interior Architecture and Design (IA&D) is a Cooperative Program with MIAD (Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design) and includes 24 credits to be completed at MIAD.  Students majoring in IA&D learn basic construction techniques, model construction and digital rendering.  IA&D majors are prepared to work directly with architects in the design of interior spaces.

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Core Requirements 145
Major Requirements
Concordia Required Courses34
MIAD Required Courses24
Minor: Optional (18 Credits Minimum)
Total Hours120

Major Requirements

Required Courses CUW
ART 1112-D Composition3
ART 145Drawing for Art Majors3
ART 246Color & Media Dynamics3
ART 285Art History I3
ART 286Art History II3
ART 29X Applied Design Elective3
ART 310History of Design3
ART 3123-D Modelling3
ART 450Senior Portfolio/Exhibition1
GD 110Graphic Design I3
GD 111Graphic Design II3
GD 460Graphic Outlook-Practicum I3
Required Courses MIAD
DS 220: IADResidential Design3
DS 221: IADWork Space/Office Design3
DS 222: IADDrawing/CAD I: Architectural Graphics1.5
DS 223: IADDrawing/CAD II: Digital Modelling and Rendering1.5
DS 224: IADSystems I: Concepts of Design1.5
DS 225: IADSystems II: Materials, Finishes and Human Factors1.5
DS 320: IADIIIRetail and Exhibit Design3
DS 321: IADCollaborative Design-Build Studio3
DS 322: IADDrawing/CAD III: Building Information Modeling1.5
DS 323: IADDrawing/CAD IV: Advanced Bldg Info Modeling1.5
DS 324: IADSystems III: Electrical Lighting and Design1.5
DS 325: IADSystems IV: Wall Types & Building Systems1.5
Total Hours58

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