Christian Thought Certificate (M)

Students are encouraged to complete these certificates as a way to increase their marketability in their chosen programs.   They are a great way to increase depth of knowledge and round out hireability skills.

The School of Education and the School of Arts & Sciences also created these content-area certificates to enable Secondary/K12 education students the option to pursue additional areas of licensure. 

While pursuing a Certificate in Christian Thought - Systematic Theology: Understanding His message, students will grow in understanding the Bible, learning to classify biblical teachings into a coherent body of Christian doctrine, and apply biblical teaching to contemporary and historical contexts.  They will be able to advocate biblical truth using a variety of  communication methods appropriate to the specific audience and sensitive to contemporary listeners, applying law and gospel and apologetics effectively.  Students will evaluate the biblical basis for Christian doctrine, such as the following: the natural knowledge of God based upon reason, experience, and the testimony of the conscience; the revealed knowledge of God based on the inspiration of Scripture; the Trinity; the Fall; original sin; the person and work of Christ; justification; the means of grace; the sacraments; the church and ministry; the doctrine of election.


Choose four of the following classes:12
Religion in America Today
A Survey of Christian Thought
Spirituality of the Middle Ages
The Person and Work of Christ
God, Man, and Creation
Law and Gospel in the Life of the Church
Explorations in Historical Theology I: The Early Church
Christian Ethics
Lutheran Confessions
Lutheran Worship: Theology and Practice
Life and Thought of Luther
Total Hours12