Computer Science Certificate (M)

Students are encouraged to complete these certificates as a way to increase their marketability in their chosen programs.   They are a great way to increase depth of knowledge and round out hireability skills.

The School of Education and the School of Arts & Sciences also created these content-area certificates to enable Secondary/K12 education students the option to pursue additional areas of licensure. 

The capability of identifying the type of programming language one is dealing with quickly and being able to adjust one's expectations based on the type; Loosely vs Strongly typed, Compiled vs Interpreted, Procedural vs Object Oriented.  Students will also be able to understand variable scope and be able to create simple and complex boolean expressions.  They will also be able to understand various repetition structures and when to use them.  


CSC 200Coding I- Fundamentals3
CSC 250Coding II- Algorithms3
CSC 300Coding III- Data Structures3
CSC 430Database Fundamentals3
Total Hours12