Exegetical Theology Certificate (M)

Students are encouraged to complete these certificates as a way to increase their marketability in their chosen programs.   They are a great way to increase depth of knowledge and round out hireability skills.

The School of Education and the School of Arts & Sciences also created these content-area certificates to enable Secondary/K12 education students the option to pursue additional areas of licensure. 

While pursing a Certificate in Exegetical Theology: Reading His Word, students will develop an understanding of the origin of the Bible, recognize the unique qualities of God’s Word, appreciate the varied yet unified content of the Old and New Testaments, and use sound principles in interpreting Scripture.  Students will recognize the Bible as the authoritative source for knowledge of God and humankind, articulate key doctrines of the Christian faith, especially the gospel of Jesus Christ, and apply the teachings of Scripture to the life of the individual.  Students will interpret contemporary culture in terms of biblical expectations and ways in which the Christian faith addresses contemporary challenges with confidence and hope, promoting the student’s perception of the Christian in society as being both an observer and a participant of the unfolding of history with Jesus Christ at the center.


Choose four of the following classes:12
Wisdom of Israel
Life of Christ
The Gospel of Mark
Johannine Literature
Pauline Literature
Prophets of Israel
Revelation and End Times
Life of Paul
Gospel of Luke
Christ in the Old Testament
The Psalms
Holy Land
Total Hours12