Political Science Certificate (M)

Students are encouraged to complete these certificates as a way to increase their marketability in their chosen programs.   They are a great way to increase depth of knowledge and round out hireability skills.

The School of Education and the School of Arts & Sciences also created these content-area certificates to enable Secondary/K12 education students the option to pursue additional areas of licensure. 

A Political Science Certificate will help students explore the context of American Government, including through a view of the Declaration of Independence, the Preamble to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the federal system of government.  Understand the place of individual and agency action in the American political system, including the role of civil rights and liberties; public opinion; voting; and other forms of participation. Explain how collective action underpins the American system, including the role of Congress, the Presidency, and the Courts, and how collective action is delivered through the output of government laws, regulations, and other decisions.  Appreciate how nation-states compare and contrast in the 21st century geopolitical world, as well as how nation-states interact through the laws, practices, and conventions that underpin international relations.


POLS 201American Government3
POLS 300Comparative Politics3
POLS 310International Relations3
POLS 361Civil Rights & Civil Liberties3
Total Hours12