Computer Science Major (M)

The BS degree program in Computer Science is designed for students who want to create software and design computer systems. Students interested in programming or working for software development firms should pursue this degree. This program provides students with a deep understanding of creating algorithms, programming, and heuristic problem solving.

This program prepares students for vocations in high-tech and computer firms such as software engineer, network developer, database administrator, application developer, computer scientist, researcher, and graduate student.

The BS in CS is also suitable for students who want to design and create systems for businesses that aren’t “computer specific,” such as financial, healthcare, manufacturing, service and retail. This program prepares students for vocations such as programmer/analyst, software engineer, network administrator, systems analyst, software quality engineer, web developer, and information specialist.

The CS major is the option chosen by most students who want to become professional software developers.

The computer science student should begin the Computer Science major program with a strong high school background in Mathematics, Science, and English.

Core Requirements 145
Major Requirements51
Professional Core9
Minor: Optional
Total Hours120

Major Requirements

Required Core Courses
Any Calculus for mathematics courses
Any 4 credit physical science course (Natural World)
Cosmogony (required for Human Beings & Being Human)
Professional Core Courses
MATH 205Statistics I3
MATH 220Discrete Math3
PHIL 211Elementary Logic3
Required Courses
CSC 150Foundations of Comp Science3
CSC 175Informatics3
CSC 200Foundations of Programing3
CSC 250Computer Science, Thry/Prct I3
CSC 300Computer Science,Thry/Prct II3
CSC 350Computer Operating System3
CSC 370Software Engineering3
CSC 375Computational Methods3
CSC 415Applied Artificial Intelligenc3
CSC 420Human Computer Interaction3
CSC 426Data Security and Info Assuran3
CSC 430Database & Info Management3
CSC 490Theory of Computer Science3
CSC 491Senior Project3
Major Electives
Select a minimum of nine credits 19
Total Hours60