Computer Science Minor (M)

Computer Science is the study of computerized problem solving. A computer science minor is an excellent supplement to any major as it enhances the student’s problem solving skills and abilities. People who understand computer science concepts are in great demand in our present information age. Note that a business major and a computer science or information technology minor is equivalent to an “MIS” degree offered at many institutions.

CSC 150Foundations of Comp Science3
CSC 175Informatics3
CSC 200Foundations of Programing3
CSC 250Computer Science, Thry/Prct I3
CSC 300Computer Science,Thry/Prct II3
CSC 370Software Engineering3
Total Hours18

Major and Minor in CS and IT

In order for an IT major to complete a minor in CS, the student must complete 18 additional credits of CSC courses. If not completed in the major, the following courses must be completed for the CS minor:

CSC 300Computer Science,Thry/Prct II3
CSC 415Applied Artificial Intelligenc3
CSC 420Human Computer Interaction3
CSC 490Theory of Computer Science3

A total of 18 CSC course credits that are not counted within the IT major must be completed. Thus the student will complete 40 credits of CSC courses for the major and an additional 18 credits of CSC courses for the minor