Information Technology Major (M)

The BS degree program in Information Technology is designed for students who are interested in specifying, managing and applying technology for their organization . An IT graduate responds to the practical, ongoing demands of a business for computing resources. Because all organizations utilize technology, the IT graduate solves problems by supporting the organization and other employees in their quest for information.

This program prepares students for vocations such as system administrator, network administrator, computer support engineer, technologist, information system trainer, technical marketing professional, communications engineer, telecommunications specialist, computer operations and data center director.

Core Requirements 145
Major Requirements43
Minor: Required
Total Hours120

Major Requirements

Required Core Courses
Cosmogony (required for Human Beings and Being Human)
Mathematics requirement 1
Professional Core Courses
PHIL 211Elementary Logic3
Required Courses
CSC 150Foundations of Comp Science3
CSC 175Informatics3
CSC 180Readings in Science & Technolo3
CSC 200Foundations of Programing3
CSC 250Computer Science, Thry/Prct I3
CSC 313The IT Experience1
CSC 370Software Engineering3
CSC 410Vocation and Ethical Computing3
CSC 430Database & Info Management3
CSC 491Senior Project3
Major Electives
Select a minimum of 12 credits 212
Total Hours43