Accelerated Master of Applied Exercise Science

The Accelerated Master of Applied Exercise Science is a five-year program allowing a student to complete both an undergraduate Exercise Physiology degree and a Master of Applied Exercise Science degree. The objective of this program is to prepare graduate trained students to enter a variety of  careers in Strength and Conditioning, Sports Performance, Fitness, Wellness and Fitness, and Clinical Exercise Physiology. Students will have the opportunity to gain exercise physiology knowledge in the classroom, hand-on skills in the Exercise Physiology Laboratory and internship/practicum sites in the community, and research experience in both undergraduate and graduate projects. 

Program Goals 

  • Broaden exercise physiology and kinesiology knowledge in applied exercise settings
  • Acquire applied neuromuscular, cardiorespiratory, and bioenergetics exercise science knowledge
  • Discover functional assessment, training and conditioning, rehabilitation, and injury prevention in healthy and clinical populations
  • Develop and demonstrate critical thinking skills
  • Enhance research skills in areas of personal interest
  • Expand communication skills, both written and oral
  • Build lifelong learning skills necessary for continued growth over the lifespan

Admission Requirements

There are no specific entry level admission requirements beyond normal undergraduate admission requirements for a typical incoming freshman. Students may choose to designate themselves for the accelerated track or to stay in the tradition 4 year Exercise Physiology undergraduate degree. By completion of Fall of Junior Year, students will be reviewed for progression into the graduate portion of the program based on the following:

  1. Good academic standing
  2. Good progression through undergraduate Exercise Physiology core courses making the student a good candidate to progress to graduate status during Year 4
  3. Cumulative GPA of 3.0
  4. Science GPA (BIO 191: Functional Human Anatomy & Physiology I, BIO 192: Functional Human Anatomy & Physiology II, CHEM 141: General Chemistry I, CHEM 14:2 General Chemistry II, PHYS 151: General Physics I, and PHYS 152: General Physics II) of 2.75
  5. No GRE is required
  6. Transfer students will be considered for the Accelerated Master of Applied Exercise Science program through submission of academic transcripts of completed coursework from other universities. The Program Director will review the transcripts to determine if entry into this program is a possibility on an individual basis.


Accelerated students will complete the University core curriculum (45 credits), Exercise Physiology core curriculum (48 credits) and the Master of Applied Exercise Science core curriculum (27 credits) along with undergraduate and graduate electives. A total of at least 150 credits is required for completion of the Accelerated Master of Applied Exercise Science program. Please refer to the Exercise Physiology Major and the Master of Applied Exercise Science curriculum pages for complete details. The graduate portion has a bi-annual course rotation creating two maps for Years 4 and 5. Please consult with the Applied Exercise Science program director for curriculum maps based on semester of entry. 

  • Years 1-3 will focus on undergraduate Exercise Physiology coursework.
  • Year 4 will be a mixture of both undergraduate Exercise Physiology and graduate Applied Exercise Science courses.
  • Year 5 will be solely graduate Applied Exercise Science coursework including completion of a thesis.
  • Graduate electives can be completed in most departments on the CUW campus but must be graduate level courses. Elective are determined in consultation with your advisor. You may consult the course catalog to examine potential courses of interest in graduate programs such as Athletic Training, Physical Therapy, Counseling, Business, Social Work, etc. In addition, a Practicum (MSES 560) can also be completed for elective credits. 

The program retains the right to make curricular changes as needed in order to provide the optimal education program.

Details regarding the completion of the thesis and steps to graduation can be obtained from the Applied Exercise Science program director.

Students will have 5 years from entry into Year 4 to complete the masters thesis including successful oral defense and written thesis chapters.

Breaches of the Concordia University Student Conduct Code and/or Academic Integrity Policy may result in dismissal from the program.