Environmental Health and Water Quality Major (M)

The Environmental Health and Water Quality Technology Major consists of 50 credit hours of course work completed through a cooperative program with Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC). MATC-Mequon Campus is just a 5-minute drive from Concordia. In addition to the CUW Liberal Arts core requirements and required courses listed below, all environmental and pollution control technology majors must complete requirements for a CUW Minor. Required core courses may be taken at either MATC or CUW.    

For specific information about MATC courses and degree requirements, please visit the MATC website at http://www.matc.edu/

Core Requirements 145
Major Requirements47
Minor: Required
Total Hours126

Major Requirements

Required Core Courses
Public Speaking (Communication)
Interpersonal Communication
Environmental Ethics (Human Beings and Being Human)
Statistics I (Mathematics )
ENVHEL 109 Applied Environmental Chemistry (Lab Science)
Required Courses
LEGL 230Environmental Law3
ENVHEL 101Introduction to Environmental Health3
ENVHEL 102Environmental Biology4
ENVHEL 109Applied Environmental Chemistry4
ENVHEL 142Principles of Water Resources3
ENVHEL 145Water/Wastewater Operations -- Municipal3
ENVHEL 173Environmental Bacteriology3
ENVHEL 104Industrial Hygiene Technology4
ENVHEL 111Applied Water Chemistry and Analysis 4
ENVHEL 115Air Pollution Technology4
ENVHEL 146Water/Wastewater Operations -- Industrial 2
ENVHEL 105Fundamentals of Hazardous Materials Control 4
ENVHEL 119Food and Dairy Quality Control3
ENVHEL 143Interpersonal Communication Skills and Environmental Management 3
Suggested Electives
Environmental Lab Project
Environmental Field Project
Total Hours47