Environmental Studies Major (M)

A strong focus on Christian environmental stewardship is increasingly important in many parts of society.  The Concordia Center for Environmental Stewardship (CCES) provides a wonderful resource for students whose interests are primarily in science or other areas.  This major engages student with many facets of the environment.  It is often coupled with minors in art, business, chemistry, or justice and public policy depending leading to careers in environmental education at nature centers, sustainable business practices, environmental science, park rangers, or law school.

Core Requirements 145
Major Requirements53
Minor: Required
Total Hours126

Major Requirements

Required Core Courses
Public Speaking (Communication)
Interpersonal Communication
Environmental Law (Human Beings and Being Human)
Statistics I (Mathematics )
Environmental Science (Lab Science )
Required Courses
PHIL 240Environmental Ethics3
Biological Science
Environmental Science (Taken in core)
BIO 244Botany4
BIO 240Zoology4
BIO 348Genetics4
BIO 367Ecology of the Tropics3
BIO 399Biology Internship2
BIO 410Ecology4
BIO 490Biology Senior Seminar (fall)1
Physical and Earth Science
CHEM 105Elem of Gen & Biolog Chem4
or CHEM 141 General Chemistry I
CHEM 361Environmental Chemistry/Toxicology I3
SCI 246Oceanography4
SCI 235Earth Science4
Major Electives
Select 13 credits of the following:13
BIO 260Microbiology4
BIO 368Ecology of the Tropics-Lab1
BIO 370Ornithology4
BIO 399Biology Internship (in addition to the 2 required credits)1-2
BIO 141General Biology I4
or BIO 151 Functional Human Biology I
or SCI 152
BIO 146Essentials Anat & Phys4
BIO 490Biology Senior Seminar (spring)1
ENG 360SpecTopic-Lit (Environmental Literature)3
SCI 195Meteorology3
SCI 275Cosmogony3
ART 222Outdoor Drawing & Painting3
POLS 221Environmental Law & Policy3
Any chemistry course above the 105 level4
Any physics course4
Total Hours53